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Bible Study



Morning Bible Study — Luke’s Gospel

Join us as we journey through the Gospel of Luke. This will be a seven week study using the Little Rock series. We read, discuss and have videos available. Our discussions center around making the Bible practical in our everyday lives.


In Luke’s Gospel we particularly share the compassion of Jesus as the spirit becomes meaningful in his life. Jesus's compassion is shared in his concern for the women and the poor.

We will meet starting Tuesday, September 17 at 10AM in Room 2 in the Ministry Building. For more information please contact Sr. Teresita, (626) 793-0693.


Evening Bible Study — Letter to the Corinthians

Enjoy some of the earliest writings of the Bible, The evening bible study will discuss the letters to the Corinthians. St Paul writes letters encouraging the people to stay firm in their beliefs despite contradictions they are faced with. Discussions will begin September 17 at 7PM in Room 2 in the Ministry Building.


There is a book to purchase, we also have the DVDs that coincide with the study.

Contact Sr. Teresita for more information, (626) 793-0693.

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