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Church Vocation Awareness Month

St. Philip the Apostle Parish


The Los Angeles Office for Vocations, with the encouragement of Archbishop Jose Gomes, has reorganized the structure of their department in an attempt to involve the people — at the parish level — in the work of finding and promoting vocations. A directive from the Vocation Office asks for a “grass roots” level of participation at each parish.

Through our Baptism each of us is called to be a vocation director. As part of our call and duty to evangelize, we are urged to pray that those whom God has called to minister His people will hear and answer Him. It is our duty to learn what qualities and attributes are needed for Church ministry. It is our privilege to invite and encourage those with these qualities to consider God’s invitation.

At this time of Church history in the United States the need for more priests,

religious men and women and permanent deacons is urgent. God continues to call the faithful forward to this ministry, and yet only a few seem to hear his invitation with an open heart!

Remember to Pray, Invite, and Encourage!

Listen to your heart - Is Jesus Calling YOU?

If so, open your heart to say “YES”!

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