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Crib Projectcrib

Respect Life Month is a time of thanksgiving for our own gift of life from our

Divine Father. It is also a time of reflection as we gaze upon the crib set before our Blessed Mother.


The crib is a metaphor for all periods of our life that prepare us for our eternal home. As you pray before our Blessed Mother, consider your own gift of life and your spiritual connection to your Divine Father and his healing, all encompassing love.


Our annual Crib Project provides you, our Parish family, an opportunity to share yourself with our community. The gifts placed in the crib are donated to four

organizations nearby, each involved in a different aspect of sharing the gift of life: The San Gabriel and Foothill Pregnancy Resource Center, Holy Family Adoption Services and St. Anne's Maternity Home.


Please take home a Teddy Bear Tag as a personal message that your own gift of life is a gift of love from God. Help us fill the crib with a celebration of Life! Take your Teddy Bear Tag home today!

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