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summer reading2019 Summer Reading

Join in the book reading and parish discussion groups for this summer’s book!

When Fr. Tony was approached about a possible summer book for the parish community to read, without hesitation, he recommended Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. This is a favorite book of his to use for parish RCIA discussion. The author, Dr. Brant Pitre uses the Hebrew Scriptures and Jewish tradition to frame the actions of Jesus at the Last Supper, and to provide a fresh look at the heart of Catholic practice — the Eucharist. By taking us back to the Jewish roots of our faith, Dr. Pitre gives us a powerful lens through which to see anew the bread of the presence, the manna, the Last Supper, and ultimately the meaning of the Eucharist.


Please consider purchasing this book, reading along with your fellow parishioners and joining in the discussion groups with Fr. Tony later this summer.

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