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The annual Blessing Mass, hosted by the Special Needs Ministry, will be held at St. Philip the Apostle

Catholic Church at 9:30AM on Sunday, March 10, 2019. Please note the change in Mass time from
9:15AM to 9:30AM solely for this weekend.

The Blessing Mass focuses on our family and our community, celebrating the uniqueness and talents
that each member brings into our lives ‐ recognizing the diversity that is so prevalent not only within our
families but also our parishioners.

So regardless of how society views an individual, the Blessing Mass welcomes all and embraces each one
as a child of God – without whom our family would be incomplete.

Every one of us knows of someone who is:
‐ Elderly (individuals who once cared for us and now we need to return the favor)
‐ Physically challenged (individuals who make our families and communities stronger)
‐ Spiritually in need of our Lord’s grace and peace (individuals who suffer in silence)
‐ A care‐giver (individuals who truly sacrifice themselves for the sake of another)

The ‘Blessing Mass – All are Welcome’ is open to all regardless of whether you are a parishioner or even
a non‐Catholic – all are welcome! Following the Blessing mass will be a Community Fair with resources,
games and food. We encourage you to attend and to bring your family and friends to join in this
celebration of gratitude and thanksgiving for those who our Lord has placed in our lives.

You will hear more about this Blessing Mass in the coming weeks. Please keep this Mass in your prayers.

May our Lord bless you and your families.
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