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The St. Philip Children’s Seed Ministry (“Children’s Seed”) seeks to share the vitality of Christ’s love by reaching out to impoverished children in mission countries through education, funding and prayer.  Through a number of fundraising efforts, we have supported several noteworthy projects in India and Africa. Indian projects include providing scholarships for children from needy families who demonstrate academic promise to attend parochial schools who otherwise would be unable to do so. Funds have helped to buy property and build a community center in Calcutta that provides ongoing social assistance and learning programs for orphaned children and families with children who are the poorest of the poor.

Projects in Africa have included funding for a water system to bring fresh, clean water to school children and to replace   a school roof that is in terrible disrepair. We intend to continue raising funds to assist needy children who belong to Catholic parishes in these and other international countries.

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Meeting times vary. Call or email for information

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Cecily L. Betz
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