Extraordinary Ministers, (previously known as Eucharistic Ministers) are essential to the reverent sharing of Holy Communion, especially when it is distributed under both forms to the faithful.  Ordinary ministers (bishops, priests, deacons) need assistance to make sure all the faithful are able to share in this precious sacrament.  The Lector in proclaiming the Word at Mass is the modern day breath of God who breathes his word for the community to take to heart. In serving the faithful in these ministries, the extraordinary ministers and lectors are helping to build up the Church.  Those involved in these ministries must be people who strive to foster their own devotion to the word and the sacraments.

Meeting Information:
Please call for meeting information.

Contact Information

Sr. Teresita Keliher (English)
626-793-0693 ext 109
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William Landa (Spanish)




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