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Fridays 4 - 5:30PM   Life Teen Room






Life Teen/Youth Ministry 


St Philip's Life Teen provides holistic Youth Ministry for our high school teens designed to bring our youth closer to union with Jesus Christ. As the over-arching program of our parish, LifeTeen Ministry helps to provide catechesis, scripture study, community building, and retreats throughout the year for our teens. Through LifeTeen students also have an opportunity to join in leadership formation with our Core Team, attend youth conferences with the greater Church, and a variety of social functions.

Our Confirmation Program, as a wing of our LifeTeen Ministry, provides catechetical formation for our high school teens over the course of two years. This formation prepares them for the Sacrament of Confirmation, wherein they are sealed with the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the community of our Catholic faith. We have a team of student leaders and facilitators that help to proclaim the beauty of the gospel and share their lives in communion with our teens.

Meeting Information

Please request a calendar as there are variations in Youth Ministry scheduling.

Contact Information

Aida Smith                                         Marc Raymundo
(626)793-0693 ext. 235                        (626) 793-0693 ext. 215
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